The Girl Behind the Brand


Hi! My name is Ainsley and I am the face of Sweet Lov.y.n!

Sweet Lov.y.n was created as a means to love others through the world of art (lov.y.n – “love your neighbor”), and I am so very happy to be sharing my work with you. This idea of loving your neighbor is the core of this brand and envelops so many different facets of providing and caring for another person.

My purpose in starting this brand was a way to lend my creativity to others to give love, joy, and compassion to their loved ones. My hope is that with the items that you purchase, you are able to love others through art, creativity, and imagination and – of course, a little bit of fun.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find what you’re looking for and can pass a little love onto your neighbor through some “sweet lovyn”!

x, Ainsley

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